Oral Rape

oral rape (past-tense orally raped) is commonly also known as “kiss rape.” oral rape is when person a decides it’s a good idea to kiss person b, and person b unwillingly takes the kiss when he or she does not originally want the kiss.
elizabeth: oh sh-t…
andrew: what?
elizabeth: you see that guy over there in the orange?
andrew: yeah, what about him?
elizabeth: he orally raped me last month.
andrew: what do you mean by oral rape?
elizabeth: he forced as kiss on me while we were waiting for the movie to start on a date last month.
andrew: oh, i see now. what a douchebag.
no daddy, that doesnt go there (slurp’n’pop) aaaahhhhhh
oww p-ss off h-m- that doesnt got there

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