adj: the level of pleasure recieved or given from oral s-x.
tori: oemgee! that was terrific!

jared: -sigh- that was the best i’ve done. it was…

katie: oralerific!

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    when two men give oral pleasure to one man. it’s not just one robert, but two roberts. in our gay threesome last night, we totally gave him the oral roberts. famous evangalist who was tagged with this nickname at a gang bang oral roberts, b.a., m.div, ll.d., founder of oral roberts university, is recognized as […]

  • Orcablotis

    a grossly overweight person usually dressed in spandex the woman with two -sses is an orcablotis!

  • Oregon Hot

    a female of the species who’s looks would not be considered prefferable in any other locale. well the girl that steve is dating is not really hot but, she is oregon hot.

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    a term that can be used when somebody is out. for example during a card game, baseball, p-ssed the f-ck out… man that guy is so wasted, in a few minutes he will be out like sauerkraut!!!

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