a female baby name given to children by parents who like to smoke the ganja.

oralie is pr-nounced “ora-lee” but can sometimes be mistaken for “ora-lie”, “oh-rally”, “orly” or “orally”, especially amongst subst-tute teachers and strangers.

oralie comes from a galeic word “oral” which means golden dawn or in north america and every new person you ever meet, it means most commonly as using your mouth for s-xual pleasures. also, if your name is oralie, the french will try to speak french to you because your name sounds french.

most people named oralie have a tendency to dislike the common people. and like the song auralie by elvis presley.
“hey oralie, is that a french name?”
“oralie? like, oral s-x?”

“what’s your name again? ora… oralie?”

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