orange county goggles

the phenomenon whereby a young male professional routinely checks out, pursues and dates women well over 30 years of age, instead of pursuing women in their 20s.

high housing prices in orange county, california lead to a demographic situation whereby there is scarcity of women ages 22-30, so most female inhabitants are either too young (high school age) or too old (cougars, milfs, divorcees, persian medical professionals, etc).

over time, his taste in women completely changes to the point where he considers his love of 30+ women as normal and standard, even to the point of forgetting about the existence of young hot women.

a male with orange county goggles may travel outside of oc and find accidentally himself around hot 20-something women. at this point he will feel a strong sense of disillusionment and urgency, and an awareness of his stockholm syndrome.
roberto, who lived in an irvine company apartment complex in sunny orange county, california, had to attend a business meeting in los angeles. after his work was done he visited a bar in santa monica, shocked to see a plethora of beautiful 25-year old women dancing and socializing with high-energy. he sighed to himself as he realized he had orange county goggles for many years, spending so much time back home text messaging 35-year old professional women, trying to take them out to expensive dinners at javier’s.

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