orange is the new black

when trump won the presidential elections and took over after obama.
dude 1: orange is the new black.
dude 2: that lesbo show about carpet munching inmates.. get outta here!
dude 1: hey quit being racist you pos, haven’t you heard? trump is the future president after obama. ftl
dude 2: ba dum tsssss!
a netflix original series that kicked off in 2013. season 2 started june 6th at 3am. (i’m watching it now. js)
ok so, it’s about a woman named piper chapman who’s in her 30s and is sentenced to 15 months for transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend (over a decade ago). while in prison she reconnects with her ex-girlfriend even though she is engaged to larry. obviously, she has problems in prison because let’s face it, it’s f-cking prison.

it’s actually a really good series, so check it out.
oitnb orange is the new back netflix original series orange is the new black
a netflix original series, and a pretty good one at that. it’s funny, but definitely way more lesbian s-x than i bargained for.

if you’re straight, you’ll find yourself drooling over the few men that are actually on the show, like the cop john bennett, or the main character’s fiancé, larry bloom. neither if whom is even that attractive….

plus with all of the slang they use on the show, you find that you end up using urban dictionary way more than usual if you’re as slang-illiterate as i am.
“hey have you seen that new show orange is the new black on netflix?”

“yeah. it’s pretty funny. have you?”

“nah. i’m already subscribed to lesbian p-rn weekly, so i’m good.”

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