to burst into an uncontolaable fit of laughing and snorting, commonly referred to as orcaing
nick: dude, is taylor having another orcasm again??

mike: by the looks of it yes, and this one may last 7+ hours.
when one s-xual partner (usually a woman) tells the other s-xual partner (usually a male) that they have reached -rg-sm during intercourse, but in reality they did not. by any means.
after reaching his climax, robert kissed jenny on the forehead and asked “did you finish? i think you finished, but i couldn’t tell.”
“y-yeah. yup. tooootally finished. i did with you!” jenny replied, sounding rather unsure.
“are you using orcasm right now? are you seriously being orcastic? jesus. you told me i was good!” robert retorted.
the events following a person believing ones sarcastic remark
bro1: dude, where’d you get that ipad?
bro2: get it? bro, steve jobs gave me one after he begged me to sell the idea to him. he blew me and made me a sandwich too.

bro1: really? sweet, you get any money from that?
bro2: i need new pants, just had an orcasm
the act of lying about an -rg-sm
logan’s short p-n-s gave her a orcasm.

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