order of the black rose

a bunch of h-m-s-xuals who parade around under flags with black roses on them like a bunch of f-ggots. they give themselves stupid t-tles that don’t mean anything unless you happen to have a f-ggese to english dictionary nearby. they are easily threatened and will resort to diplomacy as soon as they are provoked. they live in constant fear of being sanctioned since their measly numbers couldn’t support a senate seat no matter what. they also refer to themselves as the obr by the way. however i call them the obmon. whenever you see one, throw pokeb-lls with abandon! they are very rare and can be sold for quite a profit.
“omg look over there it is the godd-mn order of the black rose. don’t even breathe or they will run away.” “oh cr-p you sneezed now they all ran to peace mode! how will we catch an order of the black rose member with our poke b-lls now?”
the order of the black rose is an alliance based in the customs and traditions of the european medieval era. while role playing scenarios are tweaked to accommodate the available levels of technology in cyber nations, it is customary for obr members to conduct all public communications in the manner befitting members of state of the period.

obr members may routinely refer to handheld computers, wide-screen displays, global positioning systems, cruisers (cruise missiles), tanks, and hummers while accompanying those terms with such words as haveth & taketh, warmonger, peacemonger & wh-r-monger, sir, lady & milady, and knave, brigand & peasant.

should you find yourself lost in the pomp, please refer to our guide.

we bare our arms and show our scars with the hope that we may make peacemongers of you all.
for the honour of the order of the black rose

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