Organic Orgasm

the act of getting an -rg-sm by fingering yourself with a vegetable, such as a cuc-mber.
guy: hey, you wanna go do an eiffel tower with me and my friend.

girl; no, i’d rather get an organic -rg-sm.

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  • Stallonism

    a school of film making that centres on action flicks. specifically, high-budget action flicks that centre around a bad–ss actor playing a b-ss–ss character being bad–ss for around 90 minutes. the plot is often excluded/unnecessary. well, it had jason statham in it but it was obviously a piece of stallonism.

  • orgasmic donut

    a donut so good dat it feels like ur having an -rg-sm odi: i want an -rg-smic donut! jill: so do i! phillip:wats dat?

  • orgasmifical

    something so amazing that can be compared to being as good as s-x or even better that was so -rg-smifical

  • orusbu

    b-tch in turkish insult or commonly used to call a lowie, most likely an aussi bogan ayee orusbu, c-m here n suck my dik


    one scary son of a b-tch, a dude with a mustache huge arms and beady eyes dude, i f-cking almost got eaten by this ossob, he like looked at me and burned holes in my head!!!!

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