-rg-smatastical adj – so fantstical it is worthy of an -rg-sm.
dude, that party was -rg-smatastical!!

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  • orga whale

    when a man has a -rg-sm(refers to the orga) and whale(he wales in a -rg-sm) and when he sperms(like a orca whale blows its spout). wow john is a rel orga whale in bed!

  • Cock fairy

    the combination of the disses “c-ck sucker” and “you fairy” usually leads to no comeback once you say it to someone. guy1:”hey f-ck you -sshole” guy2:”shut the f-ck up you c-ck fairy” guy1:”…”

  • ogrehole

    a womans protruding v-g-n-l orifice after years of over use. tending to have meaty lips hiding and disguising the true size and depth of the hole. strap a board across your -ss billy, shes got an ogrehole, you might fall in!!!

  • cocksploding

    the act of a a woman totally pwning a man using wit combined with hyperintelligence so viciously that his c-ck literally explodes out of fear and shock. alexandra: kaitlyn is c-cksploding barry with her dazzling wit. austin: omg iknowrite? but i think my c-ck is still intact. lemme check.

  • cooter back

    1. how football fans in tennessee say quarterback. 2. peyton manning. that there boy’s a good cooter back! he got’s a purty mouth. 2 more definitions a person, sometimes athletic, who is promiscuously s-xual. derived from the term “quarterback.” five girls in one week? homeboy is an all-star cooterback! when you can see a womans […]

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