the plural of the singularly nasty word ‘orifice’
i’m hemorrhaging from all of my orifii!

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  • or something

    suffix added to a phrase to lessen the stupidty of it. bush knows what he’s doing… or something. the next big expression. said out of the blue when confused or when you don’t know what else to say. also used at the end of a statement if you are not confident, unsure, or embar-ssed about […]

  • Osblan

    a super funny, cool, guy that is way too obsessed about his looks. he might be a little strange at first, but once you get to know him, you’ll love him forever. he will always put his friends before himself. oh, and let’s not forget how cute he is(: man i wish i was osblan!

  • ossified

    too intoxicated to function properly tonight i am getting ossified to be completely and undeniably plastered drunk! “man i was so ossified i could’nt even speak!” (irish) locked to the point you can’t move liz was utterly ossified the other night

  • Oh no what have I done

    what i find myself saying far too often on sat-rday/sunday/ monday mornings oh no what have i done, i seem to have two pairs of underwear on and no shoes..where are my keys i’ve lost my phone uh ohhh oohhhh

  • otakukin

    the horrible, fiery collision of the otaku and otherkin subcultures. i.e., people who believe they are somehow involved with/reincarnated from the souls of anime/video game characters. j-panese pop culture is literally their religion. and no, it’s not a joke. they are the ultimate ill-stration of how utterly batsh-t insane the internet has become. after i […]

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