a sh-tty digital distribution platform created by ea with the soul intent to p-ss off pc gamers.
jay: yo mike, you up for playing some battlefield 3?!

mike: sure thing let me just…oh wait, it’s not on steam?

jay: no, unfortunately ea decided to be greedy c-nts and split up the market using their own platform called origin instead of keeping all downloadable pc games on steam, just download it anyway.

mike: no.
origin is a death metal band from kansas that is known for being extremely fast and technically complicated.
the best way to scare small children and kill elderly people with heart conditions is to play some origin cranked up really loud.
origin or ‘state of origin’ is a 3 match battle between australian rugby league’s two premier state’s; nsw and qld.
player’s are chosen on a ‘state of origin’ basis rather than on which state they currently live.
for three matches the gameplay takes sideline to hitups, hardhits and fighting. many memorable hits have been thrown and sometimes games are so overtaken by fighting and smashing the opposition that a match may end up 2-0. (4 points for a try and 2 points for a goal).
go nsw.
australain 1: “let’s get a case and get f-cked up watching ‘origin’.”
australian 2: “why does robbie o’davis play for newcastle in (nsw), but played origin for queensland?”
australian 1: “coz hes from qld, that’s why they call it ‘state of origin’.”
1. point (0,0) on the cartesian plane.
2. an alb-m released by evanescence in 2000
3. an alb-m released by borknagar in 2006
4. where something was before it was here in the present state.

1. the line y = 2x intersects with the origin.
2. origin is evanescence’s best alb-m.
3. borknagar’s “origin,” albeit quite soft compared to their other works, sounds a lot like a modern jethro tull.
4. where was the origin of that sound?
“oh right i get it now” used to let someone know that you understand something they’re telling you.
mate, so why are we in a credit crunch?

because a lot of stupid bankers invested money in sub-primes who would never be able to pay back money they were loaned.


so then they lost a lot of…

i said i get it

yeah well they lost a lot of money and so had to borro…

yeah i get it!! thank you

yeah well there you go

f-ck me, thanks i didn’t care that much! srsly
name of a rare promotional cd by evanessence.
on ebay, origin sells for about $200.
a zombies map on call of duty black ops 2 and 3 where a giant -ss robot steps on you trying to get the staffs
man i really wish i could play origins

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