douche canoe
don’t be such an ormorla

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  • kadah

    dumb n-gg-r kadah is black and a dumb n-gg-r

  • facechair

    often mistaken, a facechair is a universial word for an action pertaining to one partner using the other as a seat. “hey brian, i think he’s giving her a facechair” “that’s right, he is a human seat!”

  • sibling hate sunday

    like man crush monday or women crush wednesday except for siblings, meant more as a joke because you should love your siblings, or just not hate them hey bro your my sibling hate sunday (shs)

  • cheryl blossom

    the evil red headed b-tch who had no idea she was a drug heiress oh sh-t she’s pulling a cheryl blossom

  • beauty fish

    don’t know can you find the meaning plz? not sure the meaning of the term beauty fish

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