an orphan is where your -ss is so sweaty that you can’t get enough traction with your dry fingers to complete the wipe. the toilet paper just hangs there stuck to your -ss. you’ll need to get more toilet paper to rescue the dangler.
my swamp -ss took me by surprise. i went to wipe, but when i brought the toilet paper to eye level to check for blood, it was mia. had to grab another ream to rescue the orphan. sweet jesus, i hope the toilet doesn’t back up.
1.(adj) lacking in quality;bad; not deserving of love and affection.
2. (n.) a child exhibiting these qualities.
1. getting kicked in the nuts is totally orphan.
2. look at that orphan, let’s spit on him.
movie: original t-tle was
“something’s wrong with esther”

a hideous gruesome tale of the orphan who caused chaos.
dayum orphan! you scary!
#movie #orphan #esther #horror #tragic
1.) a group of gingers and daywalkers. usually more than 2.
dale-“hey, check out those orphans dude.”

rick-“yeah i know, let’s leave before they try and kill the rest of us non-gingers at the airport hilton conference center.”

#redheads #gingers #daywalkers #groups #evilplan #death
a homeless, gremlin-like creature. generally, residing in places like golden, colorado or the yum yum forest.

this creature can often times grow into a gypsie orphan which is even more disgusting. furthermore, they steal happiness and money.
“that orphan just stole my money!”

“look out for that gypsie orphan, he sucks.”
#homeless #gremlin #gypsie #disgusting #ugly
a beer or other alcoholic beverage that has not been finished and is left abandoned to get warm and flat. orphans are usually found during clean-up the morning after the party.
someome orphaned this beer and it’s, like, half-full and warm!
#abandon #beer #alcohol #beverage #waste
thsi word simply refers to p-rnography. used in personal ftps as the name of the folder containing p-rnography. the word can also be altered so that an “orphanarium” is the folder for p-rn and the “orphans” are the p-rn files.
dude you love your orphans!
look at the size of that orphanarium!
do you have nothing better to do than collect orphans!
is your orphanarium an all girls one, or boys and girls?
this is the best orphan i have seen in a while.
similar to the indie movement, orphans feel that indie has become too mainstream and wish to break away from the t-tle of indie. they attempt to break away from the stereotype and “uniform” of the now stereotyped indie t-tle. true to their indie origins, they still enjoy hipster fashion, indie music, and their sense of individuality.
the orphan shuffle is all the rage right now!

kyle and ryan say they’re orphan..what’s that?
#indie #hipster #individual #purple #kyle #ryan

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