1. ocean, peaceful, serene
2. peaceful vibes
3. god/goddess like
he/she is so osa!
an acronym used among theologians meaning, “once saved always saved”, which refers to eternal secuity. that is, you cannot lose your salvation.
some christians believe in osas, while others do not
church of scientology’s office of special affairs.

may refer to anonymous gathering information on someone, like possible scientologists, using osa’s own methods.
“odd username. can you osa it?”
-“yeah, hang on. ok i got his name, adress, phone number and facebook account.”
a big black man that loves white women
“that osas just stole my woman.
lets git him gus.”
overwhelming sense of apathy

medically unrecognised addition to the collection of overused psychological acronysms applied to normal teenage behaviour.
“i could have done something about it, but my osa was acting up.”
1. nickname for a 60+ year old hooker with saggy b–bs.
2. the smell of burnt p-b-s.
3. a creature native to the scandinavian islands that is a major tourist attraction.
1. person 1:see that hooker over there?
person 2:yeah shes an osa!
2. person 1:awww what smells like osa?
person 2:my burnt p-b-s, can you drive me to a hospital?
3. person 1:have you seen the osa yet?
person 2:what?
an underpaid employee of a large corporation. they do more than their superiors, and have broader knowledge of the technical side of things. unappreciated.
buyer: “i don’t know how to figure this out, guess i’ll have to ask the osa”

osa: “they pay you how much to know nothing?”

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