pr-nounced (oh-ess-frog)

◥θ┴θ◤ (crude representation of the pokémon greninja)
(twitch emoji related to dota2)


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  • bookay

    another word for o.k, similar to “ookay” but more in-your-face and ghetto. “girl, it’s called a hot oil treatment. look into it, bookay?” when something sucks but you still have to accept it. your job is being transfered to russia, north korea, or anywhere in the middle east. you respond “bookay, if i have to.”

  • plebwanese

    the language that most 13 year olds on the internet speak in. uses words such as “pwned” and “noob” in caps lock. dude, some loser kid was speaking to me in plebwanese when i was playing doda!

  • rusty beagle

    when you forget to use lube during b-tt s-x and the resulting color on your p-n-s is red and brown. kevin mosier ended up with a rusty beagle after forgetting to use the ky jelly when shawn gave him a straight guy back rub that went too far.

  • the floppy pinwheel

    the floppy pinwheel is when you j-ck-ff and right before you c-m, you start to spin your d-ck like a pinwheel so the c-m goes everywhere. the floppy pinwheel

  • slum slug

    a person who is a slug who lives in a slum and has no life (snehaan) your such a slum slug

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