osiris was king of the gods. his wife isis was goddess of fertility and magic and their son horus was the falcon-headed god of the sky. osiris was sacrificed by his brother set in a bid to usurp him. set cut him into pieces and scattered them across egypt. isis and horus found the pieces and restored osiris to life. horus remained to rule the land of the living and osiris went to the underworld to rule the land of the dead. the pharaoh was an incarnation of horus.
in his original form, a green-skinned man dressed in the raiment of a pharaoh. following the legend of osiris, he appears as a green-skinned man in the form of a mummified pharaoh. he is often depicted wearing the atef crown with a pair of ram horns at its base.
a god; he makes your entire body tremble when he’s near. he has the ability to make your day heavenly or h-llish.
osiris is…amazing.
1. the egyptian god of the underworld

2. the best d-mn skate shoe company in this time period
yo, i just got some new osiris, lets skate
1) ancient egyptian g-d of the underworld

2) the 1337est fansub translator to graze this earth.
the egyptian wiegher of souls. any motha f-ck who did dark sh-t would have to face him to know where they were gonna go
busta cap b-tch!, osiris gonna take your -ss down
like the best effing skate shoe, not ur friggin adio or etnies( theyre prettty comfy tho, but gay)
osiris = da sh-t that rocks my socks
egotistical person destined to rule the world.
i am osiris and thus you shall bow down before me.

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