oslo syndrome

psychological paralysis of a victim who internally elects to love their victimizer as an act of appeas-m-nt and survival strategy; ingratiating and groveling so absolutely as to experience cognitive dissonance to all truths and objective facts.

corollary of the stockholm syndrome in which hostages come to identify and empathize with their captors.

there are four stages of oslo / stockholm syndrome:

stage 1: the hostage learns to survive by obeying the rules.
stage 2: the hostage gets to know their captor so they can know how to avoid triggering him.
stage 3: the hostage sees any act of kindness by the captor (ie. bathroom break) as a sign that he is a good person.
stage 4: the hostage starts to see their captor as a friend and any rescuer as an enemy.

coined after a 1973 bank robbery in stockholm when a group of bank employees were held hostage and developed a strong sense of empathy, respect and even admiration towards their captors. when the event was over, they even defended their captors by not wanting to say anything that might endanger their captors’ freedom. also called “traumatic bonding” or “victim self-brainwashing”; vampire minions who love their vampire master, prost-tutes who love the pimp who beats and scars them, etc.

synonymous with eunuch, beta cuck, f-ggot sheeple, captain sweden syndrome, liberal left wing loony, minions of the vampire, devotees of mammon, zombie fodder walking dead of satan / belzebub / apollion / abbedon / baphomet / molech, etc.
white hillary clinton supporters and white anti-trump protesters are all suffering from oslo syndrome and foolishly believe that if they betray their own ancestors, family, nation, race, and descendants (in theory at least as they typically have none), indeed betray their very own selves, that satan’s hordes will spare them and allow them a place in liberaldom aka satandom.

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