the mind-f-kery of an anime that came out in 2015.
english name:: mr.osomatsu
to celebrate akatsuka fujio’s 80th birthday, osomatsu-san continued the adventures of the matsuno s-xtuplets from akatsuka-sensei’s manga and anime osomatsu-kun.
as for its contents, osomatsu-san is about the matsuno s-xtuplets’ lives as twenty-something virgin neets. interesting right?

first you have the “miraculous idiot” osomatsu, then the “cool idiot” karamatsu, the “reasonable idiot” choromatsu, the “pitch-black idiot” ichimatsu, the “of-another-dimention idiot” jyushimatsu, and finally the “good-at-letting-others-pamper-him” idiot todomatsu.
episode count(not including extras):: 25
genre(ep1-23 & 25)::comedy. episode 24::suffering

this anime that was thought to be one of those that would just slip under everyone’s radars and be “that one anime that i never got to watching” is now one of the most popular anime in j-pan. so y’know…why don’t ya go watch it?
osomatsu-san is an anime.
i honestly don’t know what sentences you would use osomatsu-san in.

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