bad-ss motherf-cker with a huge -ss p-n-s. it is a name that only cool kids have.
osynio has a huge d-ck.

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  • craddled

    ones self getting totally high as f-ck to the point of needing to be craddled like a baby. one step up from getting “lit” my boy jimbo came by with some top grad medical tree, he got craddled as f-ck last night!

  • stock show hoe

    a “country girl” who hangs around at stock shows waiting to bang anything with a pulse and a p-n-s. “oh, her? she’s been plowed more times than the family farm. total stock show hoe.”

  • garret kline

    g-y as a m-th-rtrucker hi garret kline

  • warm thunder

    when you shoot out c-m on ur b-tch and its warm wow, that was some warm thunder.

  • brady blackwell

    there aren’t any definitions for brady blackwell yet. can you define it?

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