one kick -ss play supposedly wirtten by “shakespear”. about one kick–ss afican-venician dude. who in the end cuts his woman, because of his dumb -ss friend.
don’t make me go oth-llo on you.
a small little town in washington state that no body knows about because its a sh-t hole, pregnant teens everywhere, pot heads, and wanna-be gangsters make up this town. drama is everywhere and everyone talks sh-t about one another. there is no decent girls, they are all sk-nks and homie-hoppers.
“where do you live?

-“in oth-llo”

“whats that?”

-“a sh-tty -ss town :(”
one of the first shakespearean (did i spell that right?) books i have read and found it quite good. i like how shakespeare wrote iago, his character is so intelligently evil you can’t help but like him.
if people tease you about reading oth-llo, just ask them if they read captain underpants or how to spell shakespeare. that will give you your answer.
a black man who dates white women exclusively.

reference to the shakespearean tragedy, oth-llo, about a moorish general who is tricked by his deceitful ex-lieutenant into killing his wife, an english princess.
tiger woods, ice-t, and lamar odom are oth-llos.

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