a very long word used to describe an ear doctor that cannot/will not actually perform any mechanical intervention in a patients injured inner ear.

these doctors are often very well paid and drive luxurious sports cars, many moonlight in public hospitals one day a week to obtain state funded indemnity for their private practice with which they quickly return to afterwards (in their sports car) to continue their practice of oto-incompetentologist.

word sources
otology o·tol·o·gy the branch of medicine that deals with the ear.
(stem of incompetēns) 1590-1600; late latin incompetent- unsuitable.
“i had a ringing in my ears and i felt dizzy so i went to the oto-incompetentologist, but he didn’t do anything, in fact he did not have a clue what he was talking about and diddled me out of 200 bucks”.

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