someone who spends their time watching j-panese animation p-rn.
“dude your such a ouiabou”
“dont judge me.. j-panese animation p-rn makes me h-rny”

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  • sticky upie

    sticking up in all directions…such as hair when you wake up. my hair is all sticky upie.

  • esek

    donkey in turkish. used for lazy and stupid people. you eşek! you don’t even know how to tie your shoes?

  • lolishop

    a shop where you can buy lolis. lolicon 1- hey, have you decided what kind of loli, you want to get yet? lolicon 2 – yes. lolicon 1 – great, lets head to a lolishop then.

  • sacho

    a s-xual move typically only achieved in p-rn movies. it involves a mexican, a white woman, a poncho and a vibrator shaped in the form of an old pistol. he sacho’d her, it was gross.

  • martini de la mort

    where a s-xual partner pushes a toothpick down their partners urethra and attempts to use oral s-x to suck it out. i would never do a martini de la mort.

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