out the game

drunk out of your mind, wasted.
how ya feelin man? dude, i’m totally out the game.

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  • overflip

    when marking a golf ball on the putting surface, as the golfer reaches down to place his or her ball mark they strategically flip the mark 6 inches in front of where their ball is located. thereby shortening the length of the ensuing putt by the length of the overflip. did you see that guy […]

  • Oblitter

    short form of obliterate. to utterly destroy, leave no trace of. smash. annihilate. i played james in madden 10 and straight up oblittered his -ss. he’ll oblitter you in golf, bro.

  • obsexting

    obsessive s-xting or ‘s-x texting.’ typically done by couples who are obsessed with dirty talk. jane: “are you s-xting again?” lucy: “yessss i’m so obsessed!!!” jane: “you’re always obs-xting! gah you are such an obs-xter….”

  • Oddsocker

    someone who has a facial structure and/or personality suggesting that they wear non-matching socks deliberately. look at him and his prestige collection of foreign toe-nails, he’s a right oddsocker, he is.

  • Off Your On Switch

    to commit suicide or to kill someone (to “turn off” the life switch) roger: ashely sent me a text message saying “i’m going to off your on switch” what does that mean? robin: run man! that’s what it means

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