outgoing is the a word meaning simply that one goes out of their way to meet and make new friends.outgoing can be broken down into two words: out and going. outgoing involves people going out of their way to make friends and to be sociable! one who is outgoing tends to make friends easily due to the high level of “risks” that they are willing to take to meet people, make friends, and have fun. the opposite of outgoing would be timidity and shyness! being outgoing is doing anything that causes people to gravitate to you! outgoing people are usually the life of most parties. outgoing people tend to be deemed cool and chill!
jax was the center of attention by all the girls because he was so outgoing! he was never shy and “scared” to talk to new people yet was very sociable! he never backed out of a dare because he was outgoing and willing to try new stuff!
a person who enjoys going out, mostly to socialise.
they are an outgoing bunch, always partying every weekend
a really nice person!

dosent care what you think about her.

she has a really dirty mindd!

and dosent bite her tongue for anuone!
ily zha-lana!

oprah! lol;

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