overdrive is when you get hyper-active due to being over-tired, over-worked, or over-stressed. common symptoms include slurred or incoherrent speach, laughing histerically over stupid things, and improper brain function, while in a sober state.
j: hey man how’s it going?
k: whats the dealy-yo my mizzle muahhahaha, like, ur face is stupid hahahha!!!!
j: dude, you’re in overdrive.
you know you’re in overdrive when you haven’t had any sleep in a long time and suddenly your fatigue is taken over by this crazy -ss energy that makes you act stupid.
jeremy: “hey, what’s up kj can you p-ss me some more of that kd?”
karl (who hasn’t slept in days):”uhhh hahahaha what the f-ck? haha i’m going crraaazyyyyy”
jeremy:”d-mn man.. you must be on overdrive”
when you go above and beyond the usual limits.
one of my favourite examples is in final fantasy x where each character’s most powerful abilities can only be done in overdrive.
see overclock
1. that n2o system put that car into overdrive!
2. whoa! he’s gone into overdrive! run!

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