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  • riggs

    a guy who is so f-ckin good at s-x, that he only needs three things, a condom, a nose plug, and earplugs. mainly because he hates the stench of burning rubber and the sound of screaming b-tches. holy sh-t, that guy is so riggs! wow, that guy howns everyone, he is so riggs, all the […]

  • adhithi

    n. one who is intelligent, especially in science and academics. n. freedom; universal. n. one who has a funny and ridiculous nature. since she had done science fair and got 1st place, she became was an adhithi.

  • maesaiah

    a beautiful lady which gets lots of likes. a lady who looks forward in life and never back, who always preservers through the hard times. someone who doesn’t get what she wants all the time but works for them and achieves her goals. she is also so creative and active. she is so kind hearted […]

  • eric garcia

    a synonym for the spanish word pendejo that guy is such an eric garcia

  • spaghooter

    spaghetti for the mentally challenged. “what do you want for breakfast timmy?” “spaghooter!”

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