OWS hippies

formally known as the occupy wall street movement in late 2011, a group that that is anti-america anti-jewish and reportedly known for doing disgusting things in public such as: public masterbaition, s-x in public, defecating in public, rape, murder, beating the elderly, anti- bath, interfering with public work routes, yelling obscenities at random people. ows does not like to work for a living, they choose to stand out in the cold and not shower instead. if you do happen to see one of these creatures they will smell like a bag of hot feces, so beware they are amongst us.
billy: what are those dad?
dad: son… those are ows hippies, now i don’t want you going near them! growing up like them would make me a complete failure as a parent.
billy: ok, why do they smell dad?
dad: son… they don’t believe in showers, and i guess they roll around in their own cr-p patties.

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