australian slang, alternative spelling for “aussie” which means australian.
john: are you from australia, bob?
bob: that’s right mate, i’m a true-blue ozi.
australian slang, alternative spelling for “aussie” which means australian and is pr-nounced the same way “aussie” is.
john: are you australian, bob?
bob: yeah mate, i’m an ozi.
a g-d-send. the father of zaanzone and probably one of the coolest persons on earth. ghandi is an ant compared to him. =)
ozi bless america.

ozi help us.
ozi, born 18th june 1988, immediatly became a legend. people doubting he was the the saviour for human beings. the father of zaanzone, the turk, the one and only ozi, is the coolest person on earth. ghandi, mother terese, bush and many more are in his shadow.
ozi bless america.

ozi help us.

omfo, omi
oh my f-cking ozi, oh my ozi


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