an igbo name that means good news. she/ he is talented, hard-working and beautiful. she is also not to be messed with.
wow, is that an ozioma

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  • vannya

    a very drop dead gorgeous girl who knows how to make people laugh and smile. she can make your day with her memes. if you are not friends with vannya what are you doing!?

  • squaper

    a person or being that tries to get anything and everything they can for nothing. if a mandem is getting a drink at the bar they may always ‘forget’ their wallet just so u have to pay, will they pay u back? naahhh. in an extreme situation they make crawl around another gangs turf picking […]

  • seoyoung

    a girl who is so nice and pretty and good at everything. she’s the perfect girl. bro, johnny’s girl is such a seoyoung. i wish she was mine.

  • flem flam

    1.loose p-ssy lips 2. the sh-t cough up when your sick. 3. to rip someone off or scheme someone. 4. a soon to be announced std. that b-tch done caught that flem flam. j.j. done got flem flammed. i just coughed up a big wad of flem flam.

  • pulling out a benny

    pulling out an all nighter,not going to sleep. the exams are coming up man,i am gonna be pulling out a benny .

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