a fat spiderman who shoots webs from his man b–bs
ur a fat paavi

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  • employmecide

    when an individual leaves a perfectly good job for no apparent reason. “did you hear mike just quit his great job?” “you mean, he committed employmecide?” “yeah, that idiot just left his perfectly good job for no apparent reason!!”

  • grognostic

    the awareness of a person’s enviroment, surroundings, situation while under the influence of alcohol playing a game while “grognostic”” gives a sense of reality vs reality and i think this is an apt word i had 16 drinks but was grognostic of where i was siiting

  • doesn't make sense

    something that is confusing, hard to understand. an easy example: person 1(drunk): haaaa…loook at thaat raaiinbooowww, ittt”s glooowwwiiiingg! person nr 2 (sober): excuse me, but firstly there is no rainbow, it’s dark, secondly, what you’re saying doesn’t make sense! and thirdly, you’re drunk.

  • rtll

    real talk legit legit–what you say after someone states a true statement, widely-agreed upon opinion, or a fact. “dude, nora was so high last night.” “rtll.” “they better cancel cl-sses tomorrow so i don’t have to fail my bio exam.” “yeah man, rtll.”

  • doing a louis

    a morning routine that involved rolling a joint upon waking, picking up a newspaper and sitting on the toilet for a miniumum of 45 minutes whilst getting your head together for a new day. coined from the jazz legend louis armstrong who made this routine popular. good morning love, if anyone calls i’m doing a […]

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