padder mckeown

the big man himself, owns stillorgan and everyone in it. with his recently bought blue jeans, padder "big d-ck tony" mckeown will mess you up square f-ckin go like. ) paddy is the soundest lad on the planet, with his broters stolen superdry jumper brian sets out on his quest to find the spiciest meme,is a pro soldier in overwatch, religion is call of duty marcarrvil warfare. s-xually identifies as a toaster, will no joke smash a baby over his knee for popcorn and the happiest day of his life is when all gingers die and he can see dead people. dragon ball legend inventor of the trunk trap and is allergic to tickles.
"yo dude there goes padder mckeown!" "dude stfu u realise where we are!?" "what?" "were in stillorgan you dopey pr-ck he could bang seven victoria secret models while beating you at rock paper scissors cause he knows ur every f-ckin move, do u even realise how much he got in his maths test!??!

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