another word for p-ssy

or s-x
i need some paduss girl.

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  • painting the shower wall

    when a boy jerks it in the shower. mel was very disturbed after she walked in on her brother painting the shower wall.

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    an other “type” of goth with a general knowledge of goth culture. they give their own “flair” to the scene by being to such an extreme of non-conformist that they often don’t get the approval of other more traditional goths because their quite a bit “wilder” in behavior than others. the typical dress of a […]

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    a man-wh-r- jake is such a pashuuble. did you see who he was with last night?

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    1.)a family of annoying, spoiled, rich, ugly people that invite themselves to events. 2. )like a leech they attach themselves to a social group and pretend to be included. 3.) so rediculously conservative it makes one barf 4.) a christian fanatic in a secular society makes them look like a jack -ss “he acts like […]

  • papa blaze

    a person who is formal but also here to party, yet retains a demi god stature man, that dude is so papa blaze, you can just tell he is formal, but he really is here to party.

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