a term used to express what a load of h-ssle a task or experience is/was. usually used when quite p-ssed off or on verge of giving up. also used when remembering a stressfull experience or sh-t time.

girl 1: can you go upstairs and get my blanket?

girl 2: yeh sure.

(comes back down)

girl 1: whats this?

girl 2: your pillow.

girl 1: no my blanket h-llo you f-cking doofus.

(girl 2 goes up, returns soon after)

girl 2: here you are…

girl 1: what the f-ck is this?

girl 2: your matress.

girl 1: what a f-cking palarva!!!!
life these days, is just a palarva in itself, no wonder people have so much stress, in their lives…

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