very accurate term for an ape-like people who live on land in the mid east that they claim was given to them and not the jews. history proves that the jews have been there for 4,000 years, many years before this simian species.

called palesimians because of their love for throwing stones, comparable to feces as seen in a monkey trowing feces. they are also, dark and hairy like monkeys and smell like one too. enjoy s-xual relationships with cattle, goats, donkeys, and camels.
“ho sh-t! that palesimian threw that rock like 100 feet!”
a racist term for a palestinian person, used by conservatives in the united states who make no secret of the fact that they hate arabs. often used on
conservative: the palesimians are beasts on two legs.

normal person: the palestinians are an oppressed people.

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