grace, 1922–2007, u.s. short-story writer and poet.
william, 1743–1805, english theologian, philosopher, and clergyman.
william s. 1901–1991, u.s. broadcasting executive.
contemporary examples

should scientists believe in miracles? karl w. giberson march 8, 2014
bill cunningham: through the lens of a style king justin jones march 13, 2014

historical examples

british quarterly review, american edition, vol. liii various
the english utilitarians, volume i. leslie stephen
historical and political essays william edward hartpole lecky
a budget of paradoxes, volume i (of ii) augustus de morgan
supernatural religion, vol. i. (of iii) walter richard c-ssels
blackwood’s edinburgh magazine, volume 58, number 360, october 1845 various
cotton is king and the pro-slavery arguments various
blackwood’s edinburgh magazine, volume 58, number 360, october 1845 various

william. 1743–1805, english theologian and utilitarian philosopher. his chief works are the principles of moral and political philosophy (1785), horae paulinae (1790), a view of the evidences of christianity (1794), and natural theology (1802)

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