palmetto bug

the ‘palmetto bug’ is actually another name for the c-ckroach.

but it’s not the shy, brown-colored little guy that scurries under your desk.

palmetto bugs live in the deep south, from south carolina to florida.

palmetto bugs are significantly larger than their northern brethren, blacker in color, and bolder. they won’t hesitate to drop on your head or run across your toes.

also, palmetto bugs can fly. they are also better armored than c-ckroaches.
i hate palmetto bugs. i saw one in my room this evening and i sprayed a third of a can of roach spray in my room. where there is one palmetto bug nearby, there is probably a whole colony. now i will never get to sleep.
a cute sounding bug that in reality is a large, armored, flying, c-ckroach that can cut through a screen door and fly in large packs.
matt: omfg, the palmetto bugs are coming!!!!!
paul: hide the children!!!!!!!
“palmetto bug” is a southern euphemism for the giant flying c-ckroach that inhabits the southeastern us. it is more commonly referred to as the “american c-ckroach” in scientific conversations.
a palmetto bug flew through the front door and into my face. i wanted to bathe in lysol afterward.

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