chocolate filled twinkie, the subordination of a “hot -ss supafly white bread mama” engaging in s-xual intercourse with a burnt piece of whole wheat bread. the ultimate black and white cookie. some may say this is an abomination, however they have not seen the epicness of this original remix of the universally known story of adam and eve. in this case, adam is now subst-tuted with one of indian decent, including aatish, or abhijat.

such risky activities do require protection, which can be provided by a local indian thrift shop. flavors include curry, steamed vegetable and chicken kabob. don’t forget the spices!!
oh boy, i’m seriously considering engaging in pamanda naglaham and im not sure if me and my bo are ready for it, i mean we’ve gotten high together and explored each other through the tribal explorations, but im not sure if im ready for to wear the kinky clothes for him. he wants me to wear an indian cultural head dress, like wtf?! i wanna wear my s-xay coctail lingerie, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries. yaknow traditional sl-t wear!!! gosh .

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