p-ssy -ss n-gg-(s)
he a p.a.n on my momma.
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pan is the son of hermes (mercury).
pan is the god of flocks, pastures, fields, and forests – often portrayed as playing the (seductive) pan’s pipes.
n. abbv. of the spanish word “panocha.”

adj. abbv. of the spanish word “panocha” (trans. “p-ssy”), used to describe a cowardly person.

n. “man she had a nice pan!”

adj. “addie, you’re such a pan!”
like the abbreviation bi for bis-xual, pan is an abbreviation for pans-xual.
pan generally refers to the s-xual orientation of someone that can love or be attracted to a person of any s-x, not just females or males, including but not limited to males, females, trans-xuals, tansvest-tes, gender benders, hermaphrodites, inters-xuals, androgenous people, and those with s-x-chromosome anomaly such as klinefelter syndrome or turner syndrome.
i do not restrict myself to only men or women, as many people do not claim to be either.

girl one: i’m straight.
girl two: i’m bi.
girl three: i’m pan.

(so the straight one’s pretty much screwed)
((just not literally…))
p-ssy -ss n-gg-. instead of saying the actual term in public. use the acronym pan.
1. you’re already drunk? you’re a pan!

2. you don’t want to drink more? you’re a pan!

3. drink up pan!
p.a.n stands for p-ssy.-ss.n-gg-
he is such a p.a.n. that he alawys be backing down from n-gg-s.
shorter, gayer way to call someone a pansy.
keith, you’re such a pans.
the greek half-goat god of s-x.
a nickname for many people.
when people have pan as a nickname, it normally means they are good in bed.
dude: im going to sleep with that girl over there!
other dude: why?!?
dude: cuz her nicknames pan!
other dude: d-mn! i wish i had got to her first!

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