a traitor, particularly a rebellious sepoy of the mutiny of 1857. once a colloquial term widely used by english speakers in india, the word is now obsolete.
“i heard he could slice a pandy clean in two with one blow of his saber,” he says. “nicholson, i mean. like a cuc-mber.”
an extremely cute cuddly panda that enjoys hugs and vows to learn kung-fu to become its idol: pomessi. this species of panda is very sensitive to ditching and has a wonderful and crazy personality that makes you want to hug it to death and beyond.
he is such a pandy.
a unique family comprised of extremely intelligent and attractive people who love good food and are extremely good at eating indian food.
“of course she got into oxford, she’s a pandy.”

“it’s no surprise he is rich and successful because he is a pandy.”

“they ate it all!? they must be pandys!”

a slang term for the in the groove song pandemonium, composed by zigzag. the song is very hard, having an 13-block stepchart on expert and a 11-block stepchart on hard.
person 1: i finally p-ssed pandy expert with a c.
person 2: oh yeah? i got a star on vertex expert! beat that!
person 1: man, i have to improve.
referring to s-xual relations with another man, woman or animal.
man i’m gagging for a bit of pandy of the bronagh right now.
a “pandy” is a handjob from an asian or someone with comparably small hands. “half pandy” refers to a handjob from someone who is half asian.
she/he gave me the best pandy while i was driving i have ever had.

she/he is giving herself/himself a pandy.
a short, awesome girl who is insanely smart. she is flippin’ hilarious. she loves her friends to death even though they’re beyond strange. she rocks like the golgi apparatus. music is her life. she has insane dancing skills. pandy is best friends of peterick
peterick: pandy rocks like the golgi apparatus. too bad she isn’t as hardcore as microtubules.
pandy: you’re just jealous ’cause i’m spifty.
peterick: true. very true.
-pandy and peterick laugh really hard-
slang for a pants-handy.
giving or recieving a hand job over pants (usually in public) still resulting in an -rg-sm on the males part.
guy 1: dude i got the best handy from a random chick at the party last night, it was over my pants though cause there were people around.
guy 2: man you scored a pandy!

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