1. a person lacking courage.
2. an excessively feminine male.
“quit driving like a pap.”
“they are such pap’s.”
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a common acronym for “post a picture”
in a tech support forum: “what exactly is the issue? can you pap?”
on facebook: “hanging out with the girls, will pap when i get a chance!”
a comforting and soothing pat used to calm someone down.
karkat knew all that gamzee needed was a good shoosh and a pap.
the art of bringing your hand down sharply on an object in someones hand (e.g book, drink or other)
tom was starting to get annoyed after his west ham wallet was papped to the ground 3 times in a row.
paps – penta afro pimp slap: special mma technique used by ugandans to crush their enemies. (and any hoes that step out of line)
thom was stepping out of line, so alan used the paps and now he’s dead.
its short for paparazzi, its a common term used in the industry.
the pap went to main st to shoot (photograph) the celebrities.
polish american princess. not to be confused with j.a.p.’s aka jewish american princesses. your typical polish-american girl who is spoiled.
her grandparents moved here from warsaw, began a large business, leaving her with trust-funds and the best bank account a 17 year old girl had ever seen, she must be a p.a.p.
aka the post -n-l p–p slosh refers an instance where, after rectal coitus the non dominant party’s r-ct-m is gaped so bad their bowel movement sloshes out in a manner similar to a toned down avalanche where the snow is p–p.
roommate: bro, where have you been all night?
me: i just had -n-l with this girl.
roommate: good for you, i’m going to bed.
me: well just so you know she papsed really hard afterwards.
roommate: well thanks for the nightmares. i hope she made it to the bathroom just for your own sake.

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