(n): slang term for a bowlpack of marijuana consisting of alternating layers of pollen and ground bud
eddie murphy: you know what else everybody likes? parfaits! have you ever met a person, you say, “let’s get some parfait,” they say, “h-ll no, i don’t like no parfait”? parfaits are delicious!
the over all look of the v-lv- after enthusiastic s-x
man, after we both finished she was totally parfait.
the act of j-zzing in a womans v-g-n- while she is on her period, the s-m-n and blood mix to resemble a delicious treat.
beth was on her period so i gave her a parfait.
a mixture of 2 or more kinds of high quality bud.
trying to match on a bowl of dank?
nah let’s make it 2 dank -ss parfaits.
when a man -j-c-l-t-s in a girls mouth, but instead of swallowing, she holds it in her mouth and tilts her back allowing him to dip his t-st-cl-s in her mouth, thus completing the “parfait”.
now katie is a total freak. after giving her a load of throat-yogurt i dipped my b-lls in her mouth like a parfait.
during s-x the male pulls out and -j-c-l-t-s on the woman’s v-g-n- and then sprinkles his shaven p-b-s on her c-m drentched v-g-n-. to make it true parfait the woman must be on her period, extra bl–dy to give the illusion of strawberries.
yo, i just gave that b-tch a parfait last night.

hey babe, im on the rag want to have a parfait tonight?
adj. similar to vanilla in the sense of ordinary, but generally used when describing a crowd of people whose emotions are all generic an similar. like the parfait there are many layers to this scene, but generally they are all frozen and thus have the same taste.
girl 1: aww, this is such a cute picture of us.
guy 1: idk we all of our smiles look kind of forced.
guy 2: yeah we look so parfait.

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