a pariguayo is dominican slang for a guy thats all talk and no action. someone who is full of sh-t. a punk, poser, bull sh-tter, etc.
oye,tu si habla mierda.tu lo que es un tremendo pariguayo.
domincan word for someone who is a chump. usually this person is also bad with the ladies.
julio: loco, viste a ese tipo tratando de bajaserlo a esa tipa?
pancho: si loco, ese tipo un pariguayo.
( part e ghua yo )

1. is a person who lacks the ability to accept what is thought by the majority to be good for him.

2. person who lacks common sense

3. a non-gay person who rejects girls cus he is married or some other bullsh-t excuse
i cant believe this n-gg-. julisa the good looking apple bottom hoe from the block wanted to f-ck robertico and guess what, that n-gg- said she too ugly, and that her -ss is too big. robertico immediately is consider a pariguayo. “what a f-cking pariguayo is that n-gg-“. everyone wants to get a piece of julisa the good looking apple bottom hoe from the block.

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