Paris Hiltoning

becoming one of the hottest people on earth and then becoming one of the worst musicians to ever live on the planet
i feel like fergie is paris hilton-ing now l.a. love sucks d-ck man
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“when a girl is “sucking your d-ck” and spends more time holding it and staring, licking the shaft, and generally p-ssyfooting around actually putting my c-ck in her mouth and moving her mouth back and forth.”

quote by :u/somalianroadbuilder
term by : u/marktx
guy 1: dude i got a bl-wj-b last night!
guy 2: how was it?
guy 1: honestly, bad. all she did was lick the shaft and she didn’t even suck it!
guy 2: sorry man, you didn’t get a bl-w j-b, she was just paris hiltoning.

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