hick town on vancouver island, but not as hick as errington. kind of like errington and qualic-m beach’s b-st-rd child.

it’s mostly made up of old people, but the townies in the area still think they’re the sh-t.
guy: wow, there’s not much to do around here.
guy 2: well duh, we’re in parksville.
a city… yes apparently it’s called a city, that is along the sea. it may look nice, but actually… it’s pretty boring. nothing to do there except get drunk and other stuff. nightlife in parksville is like an esso station and a dead end street. but my girlfriend lives there.. so it makes it better.. i guess. theres a lot of people that dont like that… “city” i don’t blame them
so boring at night in parksville u want to go home and go to bed or other things. search boredom if nessesary
the reason parachute pants were cool.

very f-cking lametastic
g-d said” let there be light” and there was light
god said ” let there be animals” and there was many creatures
and then, god took a fat hoot off his crack pipe and croaked:
“let there be lame”
and there was parksville

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