parry the platypus

a cute, cuddly and possibly furry platypus that is an undercover spy while being some kids pet on the side! cool, right? ☺ but parry gets better …… he can speak human! …… parry the platypuseseseses are an endangered species – if you see one, call 1-800-parry-platypus … for a picture, go to google images, type in parry the platypus! they are sooooo cool!

save the platypuseseses ☺☺☺☺
bob: i want a really rare pet …. what do you have?

pet-store-owner: right over here, you’ll find our one and only parry the platypus!!!!!

parry-the-platypus: hi bob!

bob: wow, thanks mr. pet-store-owner, i’ll have parry the platypus!!!!

pet-store-owner: that comes to … $1,000,000,000!

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