party dementia

a state of disorientation resulting from excessive combination substance abuse achievable only by the large available quant-ty of free drugs/alcohol found at parties.

the symptoms include (but are not limited to) :

-forgetting time/place/date
-oversleeping for mandatory events (work, school)
-losing otherwise sacred items (keys,wallet,phone)
-calling people you’ve done a very good job avoiding for years, with an uncalled for sense of affection
-waking up in strange, unsleepable places
bro 1: -bursts in room with 24 pack- “you ready for the thirsty thursday party weekend bruh”

bro 2: “dude, its monday. arent you supposed to be at work? i think you got party dementia bro… where are your pants and why are you covered in mayonnaise?”
bro 1: -sobs-

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