a p-n-s that is too short.

when you try using “p-n-s” as a p-ssword, it will say it’s too short.
i wish my p-ssword was longer.
something way to easy to crack at
p-ssword cracking tips

most people make there p-ssword thier name or bf/gf/husband/wife’s name (ie: johnny or ilovejohnny)

a certin phrase they say, it could be in their siggy on message boards.(ie: “daos the master of chaos” | p-ssword: masterofchaos)

just their username as there p-ssword(ie: username=hero | p-ssword=hero)

some people (rarely) make their p-ssword “p-ssword”

some people make their there e-mail address name(not the @hotmail @yahoo etc. part).

some people make their p-ssword “qwerty” or “asdf”

something that’s better off if n-body knows about except for whomever posseses it.
a p-ssword is like underwear; no one should know you don’t have it.
a certain word or code that people use to keep other people out of their sh-t. alot of people are stupid and use their user name or thier own name, or even the word “p-ssword”. p-sswords tend to work about 70% of the time, but some crafty -ssholes can get past easier ones.
welcome to yoursocialsecuritynumberandall otherinformationyouwouldn’

please enter your username and p-ssword:

jimmy: “ha, no one will ever discover my p-ssword.”

jimmy’s username and p-ssword:

username: jimmyssh-t001
p-ssword: jimmy

i don’t know about jimmy, but good luck trying to find out my p-ssword.
a word-guessing game show created by mark goodson and bill todman. the original 1960s version, hosted by allen ludden, was followed by two incarnations: “p-ssword plus” (1979-1982, with ludden and tom kennedy) and “super p-ssword” (1984-1989, with bert convy).
the p-ssword is…dictionary.

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