pastor manning

when a g-y bottom has a fire in his b-tthole that can only be filled by having -n-l s-x.
dude i was totally pastor manning last night, until jesus came over.

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  • crusty slug

    the trail left by c-m that was not fully wiped up ew what is on your skin? oh thats just the crusty slug, i didn’t shower after last night.

  • the seen

    when someone knowingly ignores a text or snapchat and doesn’t respond. beccy:”oh how is john” janet:”i don’t know he has been giving me the seen all day”

  • photoshoot

    a compet-tion to show who’s photography skills are better hey john, let’s have a photoshoot so i can prove my skills are better than yours.

  • baepackage

    when ever you see a person who is extremely hot this person is like the ultimate baepackage

  • smokin penises

    smoking large blunts. or abnormally huge cigarettes. no h-m- bro but we smokin p-n-ses -young thug

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