-ball game requiring use of your hand by patting the ball off the ground to hit the wall.
-played against a wall.
pattball game instructions:

1.two players or more can play at any one time. an order is decided for the players, where – in chronological order – the succeeding player will attempt to shoot.

2.the first player serves by throwing the ball to the floor near the wall, making it bounce and hit the wall.

3.the second player can let the ball bounce once after hitting the wall, before hitting it to the floor again so it bounces onto the wall and back to the next player. the succeeding player can hit the ball without it bouncing first (“volley the ball”) in some variations.

4.this continues until one player misses the ball and fails to return it to the other player or hits the wall directly without letting the ball bounce (produces a “direct”). the player that failed to hit it back is out and a new “half-round” begins with the players that are not yet out (if the game consists of more than two players).

5.when the final two players (if there were other players as well) are left, they compete in rounds where the winner is declared out of two points. in some instances, the final round does not have to go though the “out-of-two” phase. instead, the final players can decide the winner out of one point.

6.if the players decide to start a completely new round, the order is based on the players that were out first being last, e.g. if there were five players competing, the first player to get out would be fifth in the order.

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