usually the best in the world. known to be legends or people whom make a huge difference in other people’s lives.
“that guy’s pavithran maaaaan”
“look at that s-xy pavithran; cute and awesome as always!”

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  • kersthen

    she is a great person. haves a sensitive heart. her beauty is worth everything. a smile that is contagious. haves a little bit of every mood. people hate because she’s perfect. boys love her beauty and personality but she just want loyalty and love. haves great friends who love her. she help people even if […]

  • nuril

    a beautiful and cute girl who loves her family and friends and will always be loyal to her boyfriend. family is her number 1 priority and will do anything to please anyone she loves even if it will hurt her. she is a true definition of love and her presence will shine everyone’s lives. i […]

  • rayhel

    a bad-ss gal who’s not afraid of judgement. she’s religious and loves making people laugh. she does her own thang and keep dem jaws dropping did you see that rayhel?

  • syahmina

    a strong girl , kindness but sometimes arrogant , forgiveness , always smile even she’s hurt inside . a girl that’s really hot and always smile ti everyone . guy ; dude that girl such as syahmina she is totally out of my league . syahmina a small girl with a big dream , good […]

  • hapsat

    a state of mind during which the maximum amount of happiness is achieved to one’s saturation point; the stage beyond which greater happiness cannot be achieved. this hot chocolate is amazing, it makes me hapsat. i was so hapsat after seeing justin!

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